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Icon changing gone bad!!


Ooops i did it again!
Hmm, stupid me.. I was fiddling with changing icons.. And messed up File Folder actions in.

[My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types]

So when i open a folder it automaticly wants to search the folder, ( NOT VIEWING THE CONTENT )

I have to [right click -> Explore / Open], every time i want to enter a folder..

Under [filetypes -> File Folder] , the only action i can use is Find... So how do i either delete that option? Or create a new action "open" like in [filetypes -> folder]
(maybe something like using "explorer.exe" or something)

Its very annoying :p Please help me?
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Beware the G-Man
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You could try and open windows explorer (not IE :p) and click on "Tools" on the top bar and then click "Folder Options" then click the "View" tab and click "Reset All Folders". See if that changes it back to the way it was. Now if you did any other customizations to the folders it will probably reset that also.

I think. :nervous:

Shamus MacNoob

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Go back to where you where , tools , folder options, file types, choose (none) Folder click advanced , choose open and set default.


Ooops i did it again!
2# doenst work.. I tried :'(

3# Its not the [None] Folder... Its the [None] File Folder which is the problem.. The only action there is find.. :S


Ooops i did it again!
The "Easy File Associations For Windows XP" didnt work.. At least not the .bat file.. Ill try to manually alter it :) Thanks.

The Command Prompt didnt work either.. But whats the extenstion for "File Folder"? It's not "Folder" thats messing it up (I THINK!!)..

Under the "File Folder" actions, there is only "Find".. in "Folder" theres both "Open" and "Explore"..


Beware the G-Man
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System restore. Go to the day before ya messed with the folders and restore. See if that helps.


Ooops i did it again!
Wont i loose everything from that day till now? :S Thats really not an option for me.. :p

There MUST be someway i can make an additional action... But i cant see the open / explore commands in " Folder " so i cant copy them to "File Folder" :'(


Beware the G-Man
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Read this it might help.


Basically from this other site I just found it lists the same fix. But read the first part of this quote to see if this is your issue

Right click on one of the "offending" folders; if the default action (in bold) is Search, then this is your problem.

With Regedit, navigate to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ Directory\ shell]

Change the default data value to None.

Next navigate to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ Dirive\ shell] and do the same thing.

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