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iastor.sys problem

im having this problem where i get the blue screen that tells you if this is the first time you've seeen this screen you need to restart. im using winxp media center edition. the screen also displays isator.sys as the file causing the problem, i currently cannot gain access to the desktop since it locks up before i can get there. im using a dell xp200. thanks in advance.


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The file in question, "iastor.sys", is the driver for Intel's RAID/SATA controller.

Did you try Safe Mode?

Can you write down the exact error message and type it out for us?

mycomputer has shut down in the past multiple times and this was the first time i got the error. my guess is its harddrive problem but im not too sure.
i've tried booting under safe mode but as it's loading, it just freezes. ive tried safemode under networking and cmmand prompt which led to the same result.

ill be sure to try the link's fix, just hope i don't make it worse.

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