I want to completely clean out my PC. But What do i need?

what kinda problems? Is it because its running in the background with the Auto-Protect or because of something else? You can easily disable the Auto-Protect otherwise which is what i do when i run SpyBot otherwise it doesnt finish

Whats the link for Clean Center and what does it clean exactly?

Thank you everyone for your help :)

Alex :cool:
Alex is Axel - while you seem to be wanting to clean everything up, here's two (SpyWareBlaster & SpyWareGuard) I use in order to prevent things from needing to be cleaned up!

SpyWare Blaster and then there's a link for SpyWare Guard in the middle top of that link.

I especially like SpyWare Guard notifiying me of attempted Homepage and search bar highjacks and giving me the chance to stop the hijack before it occurs!
and keep in mind that many AV programs will conflict with each other. was working on a machine the other day that Norton Corporate 8.1 and AVG were installed and AVG kept detecting Norton as a virus :(
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What does that SPELL REFORMAT
if u can actually afford to spend the money on one, purchase a new hdd. ur guaranteed it will be clean. ur biggest feat will then be the task of keeping it clean. again this is only a suggestion :]
lol i have a 200GB just waiting to be slotted in which is brand new :D.. cant wait to use the beast however, ill be having to take out one of my 120GB's for it but it'll be worth it :p

Except none of my big drives are my primary drive (with windows XP installed on it)

Quick Question: Would you say that NAV2003 slows down my PC? Out of your opinion, does NAV2003 effect your PC's Performance than other Anti-virus software

Thank you for your help

Alex :cool:
reformatting and creating an image of the hdd and putting it on a storeable media... i have about 20 images on cd-r's with different configurations :)
mikill said:
if u can actually afford to spend the money on one, purchase a new hdd. ur guaranteed it will be clean. ur biggest feat will then be the task of keeping it clean. again this is only a suggestion :]

that really isn't nescacary
scavers said:
that really isn't nescacary

who are u to decide? also, i did mention it as a suggestion. maybe u could do the same? instead of commenting on my suggestion?
just saw this thread, to completely clean out your machine I recommend either high powered magnet or EMP :p
IMO The level of the cleaning action you use depends on how sluggish you think your PC is.

If there is one or two programs you think are dragging your PC into the dirt either as an anti-virus tool or something that has loaded itself into the registry then you might be able to use light cleaning utilities to fix the problems, software such as system mechanic, anti-spyware etc.

You might also want to check out the startup section of the registry as you might clean it but some perfectly legit software that you install are not rogue strings and can bloat the system, for example the older version of Musicmatch Jukebox that always used to load itself into the tray on windows startup, Winblinds etc. The is a free program called startup manager that I use to check out the startup section of the registry, but I don't have the link for now, I will re-edit and post later when I find it.

If you think there are several elements that are slowins down your system then reformat is the best way to go, no questions asked. If you are organised you could even make the reinstall progress as painless as possible by making sure you have essential software ready to install on another partition if you have enough disk space, and have a slipstreamed OS / Service Pack CD ready to deploy.

The choice as always is up to you, without looking at your system its hard to tell the best solution - but the rule of thumb is that if your only minorly bloated then you could probably clean the reg and programs and kill anything out of the startup cycle. If you are choaked then reformat.
ive cleared out my startup and ive disabled services that i could etc. Ive done most of the tweaks to speed up my PC

Its just that i know that there are surely old program registries still installed on the computer and all that rubbish which is what i am wanting to remove :)

What about Drivers? Is there a program which can search through the drivers and see which ones arent in use? For example, i had an ATA controller in my PCI port, and i still
in my Hardware Manager and yet i dont have it fitted in anymore :s.. so is there anything that can properly remove it?

Thank you for your help everyone, keep them comming :)

Alex :cool:
I too would would do a reformat and and clean install, gives me the most piece of mind. i personally have a clean install with all my stuff that i use installed imaged onto another HD, so clean installs are as easy as ghosting that image back onto this drive. much simpler that way. :eek:

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