I want ISDN!


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I've been looking everywhere for an ISDN solution, but it costs so
I am a Home-User in the UK.
Can anyone tell me if there's an alternative to BT packages (eg. Home Highway and Mid-Band)
It's a stupid amount of money for a slow connection.
I would be happy with a 64k connection but if there's a 128k solution, I would like to know where:p
I need to know how much it would cost altogether because my math sucks;)
(i.e. Line upgrade, line rental, ISP costs)


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also, look into your wireless telephone provider

most have 3g, and this will support a true 144 connection

here in the states, I travel all over this country, and I always have pretty good internet access, at a very nice speed.

my provider is sprint, but I know verizon has the same offering.

maybe it's available where you live too
Originally posted by Henyman
fast conection through a mobile is years away in the uk :(
Is it a BT monopoly problem? The only solution to that would be to open fire on government buildings, I guess. :p I do communications for a living, and I'm sure it wouldn't be terribly hard to convert the systems.


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Still doesn't help my situation;)
Im stearing well clear of satilite, they will cap the speed until
your surfing at 56k speeds, which defeats the whole purpose of


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Originally posted by Henyman
i think so ;)

thats wap, which is good for pr0n but not much else ;)
nope, its both wap and normal internet all i would have to use is a browser for my phone like opera cuz there is a version for my phone.
Originally posted by Lockstock
Im stearing well clear of satilite, they will cap the speed until
your surfing at 56k speeds, which defeats the whole purpose of
But then again so does ISDN. Plus the ISDN is probably not flat rate, right?
When i had AOL Dial-up.. it worked like a dream, no disconnections and average download rates :).. i was happy with AOL :D

Well, ISDN can be used with AOL Dial-up.. but only 64k of it.. unless they've updated that with the new AOL 8 :confused:. So with ISDN, im sure there is some form of Flat Rate Plan :)

Alex :cool:

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