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I need a

I used to burn dvds using 321 dvdexpress, (dont ask) and more than half of em either dont work, (Im using VERY expensive media) and ever since i switched to dvdshrink, it works wonders. Now, i remeber a program to check for errors in dvd but i forgot, and tried my friend googley but nothing.

Must be free, cus i hate payin hahaha.

but cheers in advance guys, and if u used it, let me know how u got on with it


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oh, i thought this was one of those huge threads people just post funny stuff on.

i was going to say what i need, butta...

osnn aint that kinda place


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fear not - no dilemma

for here is one I have found great for not only testing media, but players too and I often use it to blank R/W's ....

if you like it you can register it, or if you want it free you can run it with ads.

Simple and effective ;) :cool:

If you like it rep me :p


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If you're looking for errors on a disc, why don't you look at error reporting tools ie, Kprobe for liteon drives, Nero cd/dvd speed, etc.

If you're looking to see if you got out exactly what you put in, use checksums.


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you need a subject line!

I know it is easily done, meant to say before, but you really do need a complete subject line to get the best replies..... Maybe a mod could complete the subject? If they are feeling kind that is?

Remember - this could be relevant in future for searches too! :rolleyes:


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you can use dvd express to make the vob files etc...
just before it asks you to insert the disc to burn you can find the directory where the files are stoerd and just rename the directory. you can then close the program and it won't delete the files.

now start nero ( comes with most dvd burners) and select your dvd recorder and choose "make data disc" and copy the audio_ts and video_ts folders leaving the folder names unchanged and burn that and you should have a fully compatible movie on your disc.


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PowerDVD does both for me and is free and dream knows his stuff and helped - if you want more we need more informed comment - like what is wrong with our ideas?

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