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i need a new 17 inch monitor


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I don't know where you live, but I am in So California and we have computer shows about every month...

They are selling ALMOST NEW 19 inch and 21 inch monitors for $100. These are for the TOP brands, which are selling in the stores for alot more.

I would strongly suggest checking out the computer fairs...Lots of companies are switching over to LCD monitors and you can pick up their surplus moinitors for a song.
If you want value for the dollar I highly recommend the Samsung 753DF (or the latest upgrade to it).

I brought home and tried 5 different monitors (cost was not a concern) and looked at another 10 in the computer stores. I ended up with this one for:

Price - under $150.
Controls - all I needed and then some.
Display quality - no eyestrain
Glare - lowest of nay monitor I looked at.
Flat Screen - yes

I have a couple friends who've bought them since and they agree it's best price trade off.

Some downside on big name$$$$$:
Trnitron tubes have the annoying horizontal gray lines from the tension wire.

Diamondtron have a very grainy appearance. The pixel aspect ratio is different from most brands.

Many "low glare" tubes are not.

Many flat screens use rounded tubes then have a seperate layer of glass over that to make it look flat. Glare/ghosting goes up.

Many low glare screens are actually cheap round tubes with a seperate flat glare screen over the top that causes low light level, color shift, and excessive internal reflections with dark screens.

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