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I got a Trillian Astra beta test invite.


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So far I like it. It is better than the other versions I have used. It doesn't crash as much and the features actually work ..

Admiral Michael

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I have one too but since a few of the updates seemed to go back and forth with the other theme I stopped using it. I used the more classic looking theme.


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I like that they finally including automatic update to the software rather than downloading newer builds. Astra has been really nice. I've been using it since it's release to beta and have liked it for many reasons. Everyone at work has asked me what is it that I'm using. And they are shocked when I say "Trillian" Most are using Pidgin or the basic chat messengers.


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Digsby seems to be the one I've been stuck with lately. It does the 3 protocols I use regularly, MSN, GTalk, FB.
Nice! News to me, I've always just picked between Gaim (Pidgin) & Trillian. This looks like another good option to choose from.

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Although its just MSN (and yahoo) I really like the new live messenger wave stuff - tweaked with apatch of course.

Was driving X nuts when I first got it as I am almost always logged in with 2 different PCs so it was constantly asking him to join a group conversation :p

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