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i cant see any writing



guys i really need some help and quick. the problem is i cant see any writing i am trying to get to systerm restore but i cant see it. can someone tell me where it is.

ps dont let women/wife use ur computer
As soon as the bios is finished loading, tapping F8 continuously should bring you to the windows advanced options menu.

If your computer has no display, however, that won't do you to much good. Is the video card broken? I mean, what keeps you from seeing writing?
Well, it should allow you at least to boot in safe mode, from which you can access system restore. Also, booting from your Windows XP cd and repairing your Windows intallation might work too.

What do you see instead of text?
right click on desktop
option at the bottom
window will appear you want the 4th tab
first pull down thinger
press the letter W while you have the top pulldown selected

press the left or the right most of the buttons at the bottom

this should in theory change your theme to the windows classic which should hopefully render text again, if not then boot with the XP CD and do a repair

bicycle Bill

Maybe you inadvertaintly changed your font color to white. I did that once and of course white on white you see nothing.

You can check that out by going to tools>options>colors and see what you have checked.

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