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huge pagefile usage xp pro

Hello, I was performing a search for all GIFs on my PC with thumbnails. Well they would not show and my desktop almost froze up. I took a look at task manager and noticed this! It seems a little too close for comfort but I don't know much about this so i'm asking you. :)
I have no page file in C
I have virtual memory in drive D set at 1536-4000

I have 1023 of RAM

*edit - I restarted pc and it's the same. Is this normal? I don't remember seeing it that high before

That's not my concern right now - PF usage is at 1.13 - 1.30 GBs! and is constant. It is much too high to be normal - as you can see from the screenshot, small apps are using 3-4 times the memory than normal.
You're running about 3 times the memory usage per common app's that I am with 512M of Ram and 512M fixed virtual memory on D:.

Wish I could tell you why but I never saw this much memory used before.
I'm running NAV to see if there is a problem - I will disable NAV first then i'll uninstall if I need to - but i'm wondering what that has to do with so many apps using so much memory.

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