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How to setup internet connection sharing?




How do I setup internet connection sharing with WinXP Pro and Win98SE?

The XP PC is going to be the host. I have a cable modem (using DHCP) which is connected to a Netgear NIC. I also have an internal NIC (currently with no settings) which I'm going to connect to a switch. The 98 PC has a Netgear NIC (currently with no settings) which is going to connect to the switch.

Now I'm not sure if this is right so that's why I'm asking. Am I suppose to setup the ICS on the connection that has the internet (in my case the Netgear). If so, doesn't ICS assign to it therefore messing up the DHCP?

Also, do I manually assign to the other PC? Do I add or change any other settings? If I use automatic configuration though, would my ISP also assign an IP for it? If that's the case, I don't want to because I don't want them to know :D

I'm sure there's more to this so please enlighten me. Thanks.


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Well I can't offer much help as I've never messed with ICS with XP. I do have a suggestion that might make your life a bit easier, if you have an extranal cable modem then get a router with a built in hub it does what you want to and its generally a lot easier to set up. Well thats my suggestion.
Also Welcome to XP-erience
1. Enable ICS on the modem card. The other card will get as IP.
2. Set the client to automatic IP.
3. Surf away.


If I set the client to automatic, does it get assign 192.168.0.x? Or does it get whatever my ISP assign?


Ok, guys... thanks for answering all my questions.

One last question before I set up my router that I just bought. Should I still use a software firewall like ZoneAlarm? I think the router has a firewall but that only protect me against incoming traffic and not outgoing, correct?

If I do need it does the client computer need them too?


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Well you don't really need a firewall on your system if you have a router but I would make sure you have an anti-virus program. I use a firewall with my router so I can control a little better what goes out from my system but you don't really need one I don't think

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