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How to limit ADSL Speed???


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I have a billion 7402 router and all the pc's hook up to it and i am wondering is there any program that limits the speeds to computers with certain ip addresses etc?? as seeing i pay for the net and use it alot i wanna get full speed pretty much and slow every other computer down to 56k otherwise it just gets hammered...

anyones help is very much appreciated.. thanks ;)


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You should be able to do that from within the router...this is from your products datasheet...

QoS Control
• LAN to WAN traffic prioritization and bandwidth
• Traffic prioritization and bandwidth management
based-on IP protocol, port number and address

Do you have the manual that came with it? May be on a CD vs. a printed one.


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yeh thaat just has a thing wether or not certain packets should be considered of a high priority or not from wat i gather

EDIT: I found the part to do the throttling boy does it look confusing hehe :p


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There's no downloadable manual that I can find or I'd see if I could explain it for you. It probably looks a lot more daunting than it really is. Just take your time and experiment on 1 PC till you have it right. Good luck!


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Looks to me like you have to do some research into your software. If you know the offending bandwith-hog apps, then you can enter their common name under "Application", use the "Any" protocol, the port #'s the app uses(can usually be found in the configuration of said program), leave "Source" and "Destination" ip's to for any and type in the amount of bandwith you want to allow. Looks like the smallest # is 32k, but I saw on a forum that you can go smaller...not that you'd really want to. Make sure use check the "Enable" box, too.

A common example. The file sharing program WinMX uses TCP 6699 and UDP 6257 ports by default. You would have to create an entry for each of those ports. I'm not positive, but you may be able to throttle any port/ip but you may want to look here http://www.741ge.com/forums/ as they can probably help you better...I have never used this brand and am basically flying blind without having one here to experiment with.


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yeh thanks for that, i have been mucking around with it but yeh got things to sometimes be slowed and somethings should be slowed but dont appear to me but oh well ill keep trying, thanks very much again :)

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