How TO I Attach Documents to the Windows FAx?



Ok, this must be hidden or im on crack? ;) Im trying to send a fax from my PC, but when I sned it, all im sending is the cover sheet. I cant Attach anything to the faxes cause I cant find the button that lets me do that? Whats going on here. I know it must be me just over looking something. So someone point me in the right direction please! Thanks!!


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You're going about it wrong. Don't think of it as akin to e-mail, where you can send attachments...think of it as just another printer; print to fax from within an application with the file you want to send opened.


Thank You for the info, so thats how it works? By the way can you tell me how you transfered that image to the forum, never did that before either, like to know so i can send an error message screenshot, when i have to explain something!


Confused and Bewildered
Well, there may be an easier way, but I :

-Press the <Print Screen> key on the keyboard;

-Open Photoshop, or MS Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint), or your preferred imaging application;

-Type Alt>Edit>Paste or Ctrl+V or right-mouse-click>paste;

-Save the file as is, or crop to show what just what you want to show-remember where you saved it and what you named it;

When you post to this forum, you will see below the message box an Attach file on the browse button and navigate to your saved file.

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