How to hack the uxtheme.dll???

Here is the siplist way I've found to do it, it worked for me, and I'm pretty simple :)

UXTheme is a patch from TGTsoft that allows the use of non-digitally-signed themes.
You can get it from

The instructions that are included are very hard to understand and they made it that way to
encourage you to buy their lame product Styles XP..
Here i will try to explain how to patch it in a friendlier way for the newbies so they can use themes...

1.first of all u open a My computer window then click on Tools then Folder Options, then you click on the >View< tab.
Then u check the circle next to show all files. After you did that, You want to uncheck the check box next to >Hide Protected Operating System Files<

2.After you have done that, you want to extract that file you got from the site i posted above using winzip/winrar.
After that you want to execute the file that comes extracted out of the .zip file. Just say you agree and stuff to all those warnings.

3. Assuming your default Windows folder is c:\\Windows, you go to C:\\Windows\\system32\\dllcache and find the file called uxtheme.dll in there, then right click on it and select rename, then rename it to uxtheme.bak. You will get two warnings from windows file protection..>>Do not worry.. nothing will happen to your system and do not insert ur windows XP cd when it asks u to<< After you have done that lets go back to C:\\Windows\\system32 and find the file called uxtheme.dll and rename it to uxtheme.bak the way u did last time. In this section, lastly, find the file called >>Uxtheme.PAT<< and rename it to UXtheme.dll and then do a full reboot of your system.. Now you should be able to run themes flawlessly..!

This came from another XP Forum, like the guy says, I tried it and it works
one problem that i'm having is that i don't have a folder named 'dllcache' in my system32 directory. yes, i am smart and have show all hidden files and folders on. i can apply themes, but only the icons and cursors work. i only see the windows classic theme no matter how hard i try to use another theme. i've tried all the methods, hacking the uxtheme.dll file, patching it with the tgtsoft freeware, and others... i'm thinking the problem is in that i don't have the dllcache folder. anyone???
one problem that i'm having is that i don't have a folder named 'dllcache' in my system32 directory

the best way 2 locate this folder is 2 open up internet explorer while ur not on the net. then type in the address there e.g c.//windows//system32//dllcache.

by far the easyist way is 2 patch the hacked dll rather than use hex editor
Ok call me lazy but can we just get a uxtheme file posted for download.

If not would some kind soul send me one.


:p Thanks! :cool:
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in this thread thus-far. I really learned a lot.

I just wanted to ad that I copied my original uxtheme.dll to another partition for safe keeping in case I messed up with the patch...almost did too, lol. Hope that helps someone just a little, you guys sure helped me a lot. :)
alright guys.... what if i dont have a uxtheme.dll in my c:\windows\system32\dllcache folder????

i do have one in c:\windows\system32 folder though.....
and everytime i rename the uxtheme.dll in teh system32 folder, a new one pops wont let me delete the uxtheme.bak's that ive been renaming either.....

btw, i copied a uxtheme.dll to teh dllcache folder and renamed it to uxtheme.bak and then another uxtheme.dll popped up.....keep recreating themselves.....
omg how frustrating is this.....

i went into command prompt under adminstrator to try to delete those pesky bak's that wont go away....and it denies me is going on
Delete the dll from dll cache 1st then rename the dll in sys32.
ive done everything and still it doesnt work.....look at this picture of what the theme looks like in the preview screen before its applied....and look at the start menu and such, that is with the theme applied....i dont understand this...
I have an old version of style xp that patches it and works great, you just right click your desktop and go to themes and appearances. Maybe i should put this version on my website temporarily so people can download it.... i dunno though that my be illegal...
it can't possibly be illegal - it's just an old version of the software, whatever the original licence was still applies - was it freeware? was it shareware? that's what it still is. please do put it up, cos the new version is very cumbersome.
well, kinda... cause he needs permission to distribute the old version....
hrmm.... Is it possible to hack the uxtheme.dll the same way if you have the service pack installed? anyone know :)?

I patched the dll from dll cache 1st, then deleted the dll in sys32. It Auto replaced itself with the patched one from dllcache. Job Done.
hey smoke those instructions work perfect thanks alot :)

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