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how to download .swf files from site


The One and Only
Ok, there is a website that i visit cause it has some extremely funny little cartoons. (for those of u who may be wondering, it's www.illwillpress.com). i was kinda wondering exactly how i would download what appears to be a flash video off of a website so i can watch it without being connected to the internet.
This method is kinda tedious, but it works nonetheless :p
What you need to do after visiting the site is to navigate to your Temporary Internet Files folder in Windows Explorer and run a search for *.swf files in it. Make sure you're searching hidden files and folders as well. Open the .swf files in IE. They should be the Flash files you need. ;)

If you're using Mozilla/Firebird, let me know. There's a much easier way of getting what you want.


Penguin Rancher
You can use Download Accelerator to pull the file.

if the file was on NTFS.org main page for example


and the file was flash.swf

you would put www.ntfs.org/flash.swf in the URL dialog box in DAP.

you adjust filenames, sites, and directories accordingly.

This is how I pull them off websites


I may actually be insane.
Wget is also ported to Win32, works quite nicely too ;)

If you use Mozilla or firebird you can just right click the page, then click page info and then move over to the media tab, you can then find the swf file and click "save as"

If you're using IE, then right click, view source, find the URL to the swf file, open just the swf file, and then click file and save the "page" :)
create a minimal html page with a link to it
<a href="blah">link</a>
open the page in IE - right click the link "Save Target As"


Perris Calderon

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go to temporary files, settings, view files

then go to view on the toolbar

then go to view icons, then go to arrange icons

then pick last accesed, or type

this will simplify the search for the file

Perris Calderon

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that's a very nice first post marnmacca...I'm gonna try that program

also, the easiest thing to do would be to save the page for offline use
Dealer, i tried that already, but it only saved the nifty look of where the flash video plays, and still needed to download the flash video. might give the others a try too.


go to the top of ie and select "file/save as" name it what you want and save it where you want ...
.. now all we need is a way to open up the protected ones to steal credit!

no no just kidding. i'd like to offer my thanks also for the list of programs for this.


Originally posted by dubstar
.. now all we need is a way to open up the protected ones to steal credit!
Hmmm - Here:
  • http://www.srctec.com/flashdecompiler/index.htm
:) :) It works pretty good ..

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