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How to create a User Profile Template

Well, how does one go about this procedure?, Saw it mentioned in a post by kcnychief in the last thread here but nothing on the creation of one. Also what are the benefits, if a an account has problems, could I refresh it with the template? Thnx
Kept getting "You sent a request the server cannot understand" so here's a text document :)

On the e.g of stage 11.It should read

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Quoting text file above in case users don't want to download.

Sorry bout that:

1. On the Server create a share e.g.Profiles\Template and assign Read access to all but Administrators *Create a Template folder so if a account becomes corrupt you can assign a fresh profile instead of redoing this procedure*
2. Create an account on any client machine from Active Directory e.g.Mandatory
3.Logon to this account and set features as you see fit e.g.remove MSN and Games from start menu.*NOTE any special features such as changing the Control Panel to open as a menu can be done here, as this cannot be achieved through Group Policy*
4.Log out of this user and logon as a Local Administrator
5.Go to My Computer>Tools>Folder Options>View Tab and uncheck Show Hidden Files and Folders and Hide Protected System Files
6.Navigate to C:Documents and Settings\Mandatory and rename ntuser.bat to ntuser.man
7.Now Start>Control Panel>System and Maintenance>System, and move to the Advanced tab and then click on User Profiles
8.Select Mandatory and select Copy To
9.Under Permitted To Use click Change and type EVERYONE *You'll be asked for your network credentials so use Administrator.....or equivalent
10.Click Browse and navigate to the share created e.g.Profiles\Template and select Copy To (just click through the proceeding warning)
11. Once copied go to the server and create a new folder under Profiles for each user

. Copy the contents of the Template folder into the users
. Now go into AD and select the users one by one and copy in the share name on the Profiles tab


*You can use just one copy of the profile for a group of users if you like but items such as Recent Documents can be seen by the different users so this, albeit longer way is useful for privacy.

*If you have problems (like me) with a warning on not being able to update the user profile on logoff then you must give the users/groups write access to the Profiles share.

e.g.(Using a drive mapping on the server to the Profiles folder)

S:profiles<Right Click on the Drive and add the Security permissions to the necessary users/groups

If you want help on explaining any of that just ask:)

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