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How to Create A Stand-alone DVD Player Compatible Photo CD ?


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Hey All.
I was wondering if someone could help.
I wish to create a photocd that is compatible with stand-alone dvd players.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Software I have includes adobe photoshop, nero 6 and i think i have a version of roxio floating about somewhere although its not installed.
Or is there any good freeware/software to do this?
Many thanks :)


The Analog Kid
1) Most newer DVD players are .jpg compatible, so just a data cd with jpg's should work fine. Some older ones are only Kodak photo cd compatible, not really sure how to make a Kodak photo cd.

2) some burning progams allow you to make a slideshow in dvd, vcd, or svcd format.
I just burned a disk with jpegs using the nero wizard. I could even put the files in folders and select from the on screen menu.

The down side - the speed was horrible. It took a minute to paint the image to the TV screen. The jpeg decoder in my DVD was too slow.

I think Nero also supports Photo CD format in the wizard.


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I used photoshop and a program to make a 'SVCD' compliant cd for my jpeg iamges; it was a pretty painstakingly long process, but it did give you complete control on the menu interface, and the way images flow from one to the other.

The problem is that I can't remember the name of the program at the moment; I'll try to get back to you with it.

Or, you could always use programs like Photo2VCD, although I've never fully tried it.

edit: I used VCDeasy, but I just noticed tht you might want a more DVD-orientated version. If so, try this link: http://www.videohelp.com/guides.php?howtoselect=3;52#3;52

(Sorry for the long post, I'm waay too tired for using the net)


OSNN.net Adventurer
Thanks for all your help guys, but on the off change I just burnt the images to a cdrw as standard jpegs and it worked fine :) thanks again!

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