How to backup Outlook Express email folders and settings


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14 Mar 2007
I want to reinstall Windows Xp soon, as I got a virus and after cleaning the computer doesn't work as smooth as before. I gives some strange erros and sometimes it justs hangs up... I want to backup Outlook Express emails and settings before reinstall, and restore afterwards. Any help?


Use files and transfer settings wizard, hit start, programs, accessories, system tools, then files and settings transfer, hit next, select 'old computer', then next (wait a few moments) select other (such as usb drive, external disk, zip disk partition) next, select files and settings then check 'let me select custom list of files' etc, then next then remove everything on the right hand list except 'Outlook Express' then next, it will then save the image to where you selected earlier.

When restoring, you select new computer then go through restoring.
When you open outlook express after restoration to new install, you will see all your names (email names) no folders, click on each name, you are asked if you wish to download folders, select yes and it should also prompt for password.

Thats how I do it for friends and relatives, stopped them from spending $30 on some program that does just what I wrote but worse.


So you are going to pay for it when you can do it for free, with practise very easily.

Ohh my.


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25 Jan 2003
Alissa - if you just want a tool to back up your data Windows includes a backup wizard for free.

If you are backing up to reinstall because of a virus you need to clean the virus off first, including any latent copies that may be hiding in old emails, data files, restore files, etc. But once you've done all that clean up there is no longer any reason to reinstall.

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