How often do you get an Attempted Hack?

Hey Guys,
I was wondering how often you all see someone trying to access your PC with a Trojan etc. I use Norton Internet Firewall and about once every couple of days i get a messaging saying that someone has tryed accessing my PC using a well know port that is used by a trojan.

Is this normal? I dont have anything spesh on my PC just a broadband connection, but they still persist? (all on different IPs by the way, which i immediately restrict).

So what about you folks? How often does someone try to hit you.
I think so - the problem with the XP firewall is that you dont have any control over it really. With Noton it reports to me when someone trys something and then i can take appropriate steps - like block the gits - permanently.

I also find it very informative, easy to use and it gives me control over what can and cannot have access to the internet.

I would'nt feel comfortable without it to be honest.


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When I first switched over to cable internet the only thing avail in my area was @home. I was getting notices from Norton everyday, and a few a day. Now that I have a new provider, I think I've been notified 2 times in the last 3 months that someone has tried to hack into my computer.


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IP address has changed since I switched over from @home, the hackers haven't found it yet or they're actually getting into my system :eek:



I will include a link at the end of this to some very interestng info that has been accumulated on COMCAST.NET which will explain what I am referring to.

I have e-mailed and telephoned Comast support and it was like pulling teeth to find anyone who would admit to knowing anything about Broadjump Client - and they would not talk to me until I proved to them I knew quite a bit about the Broadjump Client. To make a long story short - I did a few things after my research into Broadjump Client and talking to a software engineer at Comcast.

I uninstalled Comcast Support and CFD.exe(Broadjump Client Foundation) and then I installed a firewall - nothing more than the freebie Zone Alarm. I now laugh everytime I am alerted that those mobile IP's out of Mobile, AL are pinging my puter.

All my systems are working fine without Comcast Support and Broadjump Client.

For the rest of this horror story click here


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Heh, shows you just how blonde I really am. I also had BroadJump but was told by my provider to uninstall it because it was causing a conflict with XP. Hence no more attempted tried at getting into my system.
Sounds a bit of a nighmare matey.

But the @Home that i am referring to and I think Jewelzz is too is the NTL@Home package.

Were both in the UK, so we have different providers over here.

Thanks for the info though.


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Originally posted by scottb61
Sounds a bit of a nighmare matey.

But the @Home that i am referring to and I think Jewelzz is too is the NTL@Home package.

Were both in the UK, so we have different providers over here.

Thanks for the info though.
Nope not the same @home scotb61. I'm in Arizona, USA not the UK. I'm referring to the same thing as damnyank.
Okay - i was writing my reply as Jewelzz was doing his so there was a bit of a mix up and hes not from the UK either.

So an all round messup on my part - but the point is the same we dont have that in the UK that im aware off.

All we do is connect our PC's to our TV's set top box, it then pick up a DCHP address and off you go.

Theres no software to install at all.
I have got NTL broadband myself and I average at least 1 hit a day. Last night I had about 6 warnings pop up in a few hours. One thing you can do is to do a trace on the ip address. This usually brings up an email address where you can report abuse and report it. I don't know if anything happens but it is a thought. Most of the port scans are probably kids messing about anyway and not "Hard core" hackers. Don't do what I did the other night though. I was so sick of being scanned that I actually lost my cool and flooded the last person's ip address who scanned me. I felt better at the time but afterwards realised I should have just left it. Like yourself I run Norton and that seems to catch all attempts.
I feel your pain mate. I must admit that on occasion i have actually gone looking for revenge, but as you say its pointless, but still, sometimes nothing would give me more pleasure than getting onto that scumbags PC and ripping the heart out his OS.

I truely belive that if someone REALLY wanted to get onto my pc they could - I realise that no firewall on earth can stop some people. But the true hackers are not the people hitting my PC, its just annoying little Bastards who know how to use another readily available app.

I think all the attacks on my PC were by people who were trying to access my PC via a trojan, so they had no chance really. Yet the annoying thing is not that they try, but the amount of times its tried.

Its like spam - not usually harmful, just increacingly annoying every time you get more.


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I hate to burst your bubble but you are not being specifically targeted by a "hacker" that is trying to take over your computer. The trojan server programs are scanning blocks of IP addresses looking for any computers that already have the trojan client running on them. If you do not have the client installed on your computer it really doesn't matter how often your IP addressed is scanned, it is no different than your ISP pinging your IP address or you pinging yourself. As long as you have a decent firewall and keep your virus definitions up to date you have very little to fear from the "hackers".

BTW, its easy to find the trojan client and server programs, if you want to contribute to the paranoia out there you can download them and do IP scans too. You might want to disable your AV program before trying this since it is going to go nuts when you download, install, or try to run the programs.
I realise that I am not being targeted as an individual, and I never had any illusions to the contrary, so my "bubble" is still intact on that front.

What I didn’t realise however is that these programs scan ranges of Addresses, I suppose in retrospect that makes perfect sense, having never actually used these programs myself.

But I disagree with your comment about having a decent firewall and this keeping the "hackers" out as you put it, as I don’t see people who use these apps as hackers at all, just annoying twats who are no smarter than someone who can use Microsoft word or any other App created by someone else.

I’m sure if a "Real" hacker, and by that I mean someone who spends there time creating these apps and finding these problems, rather than the leechers who use them, would be able to get past most firewalls if given enough time. They are the people who I am "paranoid" about as you put it, and rightly so I feel, yet I respect them at the same time for there ingenuity and creativeness to be able to get past such devices.


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Well you are correct in that if someone with the requisite knowledge and expertise wanted to get into your computer bad enough they probably could but do you really believe that this type of person is going to expend the time and effort to hack into random home computers just to see what you might have on your hard drive? Saying that a hacker could break into your computer if he wanted to bad enough is about the same as saying that a burgler could break into your house regardless of what security system you installed if he wanted to bad enough. Both statements are true but there is really no reason to be overly concerned about either happening since the probability of each is about the same as you winning Powerball or the Big Game:)
I'll go with that.... :p

Im not saying that im being targeted here though, all i was asking was how many times you get somebody attempting to access your PC, wether it be from a Trojan App or otherwise.

Im wouldnt say im overly concerned or even paranoid, I simply get a lot of these and it gets a bit long in the tooth after a while. I was actually trying to find out if its simply my provider, or its the usual on the net.

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