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how many SCSI-3 devices?

depends on the scsi card/controller most newer ones support 16 devices per channel - usually with the card being one of the devices on the chain (usually id#7) so 15
older cards or lower controlers at least 8 (again card being one of them)

some raid and top end cards may have more than one channel (2, 3, whatever) so say a nice mylex 2 channel raid card - 30 drives....... etc.


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i guess i want specific enough, the original question pertained to a single channel. I just found out. What i was looking for was is.....on an 8 bit bus its 8 devices, and on a 16 bit bus its 16 devices


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out of curosity how many LUN's are available on that mylex 2 channel raid card with 30 drives and how many are actually usable for drives?

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