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How Far Technology has come.


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when i saw this i bought it right away. i have an 04 exterra and i am soon traveling to new hampshire. i don't have kids, but the ride is long enough. i can watch a mive and relax while my wife drives the first leg. for less than 300 bucks i can't go wrong. with 2 lcd screens no less, i will defintely give a full and thorough review of this when we get back. if this is as good as i think it is i would say this will be a hot christmas item. Another Plus i noticed is that it says i can hook a ps2 or xbox up to the screen. that is a big bonus for pimping the ride. this trip might not be that bad after all.

Durabrand Car DVD Player with Two 6.2" Screens, Car Kit & Bag, PVS1960

Durabrand Car DVD Player with Two 6.2" Screens, Car Kit & Bag, PVS1960
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Kids fighting over who sits closest to the screen? The affordable, simple solution is Durabrand's dual-screen mobile DVD player. Two generously sized 6.2-inch widescreen LCD displays are operated from one central player. You can even play video games (with a PS2, Xbox, etc.) on one screen while someone else watches a movie on the other. Includes carry case and straps for car mounting. Add headphones (below) to take advantage of this mobile DVD player's multiple headset jacks.

Note: The player easily plugs into a car or home power outlet with the included power adapters an cables. It does not include a battery.



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Thats pretty kew. Surprised they sell that good of stuff at Wally World :p. Do u know if they have anything for like to put up front of the car. Like for the passenger or somethin?


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i assume you can fabricate something to hold it up front. all it has now is a velcro strap that fits around the headrest. i find it ironic they charge you like a 1000.00 as an option in some cars where you get this for less than 300.00.

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