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How do i get 108mbps speed with Netgear wireless....


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering how do i get 108mbps speed with 1x Netgear WAG511 for a laptop and a WAG311 for a desktop computer.... as even with one of my other friends that got the d-link equivalent it only had manuals on how to install the drivers n thats it and the max speed i can get them both to do is 11mbps so if anyone could help me i would really appreciate it thanks :)


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Do you have everything on the same wireless network? Netgear's site says if you introduce new wireless devices into a ad-hoc network the speed will drop to 11mbps if the devices cannot support the new standard. It says to use infrastructure instead.

Also, this link has a couple different versions of the 311 - I'd take a look at that. If nothing else, nose around Netgear's site, might find something helpful. Good luck.


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thanks, the only thing on wireless is 1 computer and laptop there is nothing else on wireless im checkin the site now no luck yet


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nope NOTHING that i know of is being limited all i have done atm is set them both to the same frequency n stuff n thats it tried few other lil bits and pieces to no avail


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What 108 Mbps is the Wireless G standard, except off just using one band (signal) you use 2, so basically you can send more data cause you can send over both bands instead of just one.


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hello yeh i know that but what i wanna know is how in the world can i enable my cards to nethin faster than 11mbps as ive gone to netgears site to no avail im using latest drivers etc??? n they say wireless networks are easy lol

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