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how do i fax from braodband


pirate extraordinaire
ok, i need to send a fax. never really faxed before even on just a fax machine.
i went into add/remove and made sure faxing service is installed under windows components. i have an all-in-one fax/copier/printer/scanner.

how can i tell my computer to send it? i think you can do this, not sure though. i dont have a land line, so i can't use my computers modem.


There is no answer!
Political User
or if you only have a couple of pages you need faxed, email me the pages and i'll fax them for you.


pirate extraordinaire
oh, wait, never mind, thanks for the offer though, but it has some personal info on it. like my ssn. not that i dont trust you, just me bein paraniod and secure about my info.


There is no answer!
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i also thing efax has a free trial thing as well so you may be able to send a few pages for free.


pirate extraordinaire
yea, i know. kinkos or any one of a dozen places with a mile or two. just hoping it could be done from my set-up. i mean i have 7 computers, broadband, all kinds of equipment, plus pay like $50+/month for interent. the same IP service offers cable tv, phone, radio, everything. theres no reason why i should be able to send a freakin fax.

reciveing i coud see being a problem.

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