How do I add custom resolutions to the 4X.XX Dets?


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Hi there,
I use my PC to watch DVD's on through my TV, and the best resolution for doing this is 720x480. In the older nVidia drivers, I could just add this to the inf file, and I could then use that resolution to play through to the TV. Does anyone know how to add custom resolutions in the new 4X.XX series drivers with their new compressed format? Cheers,

The Moog

The Moog

Yeah, I'd prefer to be able to set them all up without having to run another program though. 720x480 is a much better resolution to use as it more closely matches the resolution of the TV so you don't get interpolation errors, and you don't get as much overscan as at 800x600.
sorry to revive an old thread but, i think there may be more people looking for a solution to this than just me... ( and noone has yet been brave enough to dig up this old thread...)

was there ever a solution???

I've tried using PowerStrip, but after creating my own custom .inf file, and setting 720x496 as the max res for my tv, i can only now select 640x480 in the windows display properties, the slider won't budge to let me take it up to 720x496...
i was able to get things sort of figured out with Power Strip... but it seems that some aspects of Power Strip fight with the Detonators... and it's messing with overlay settings...


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For the custom resolutions you want guys go HERE then go to the downloads section scroll down to how to modify your driver and the instructions and inf files you require are there (works for 41.09 + 43.45 versions)....i have used it and it works fine adding the extra resolutions in.

Hope this is what you wanted.
thanks tony... but tvtool doesn't work with my card (geforce 4 mx 440) It's got the integrated tv chip that tvtool doesn't support, I was able like i said to do it with PowerStrip, but the controls and methods with PowerStrip are rather convoluted and i couldn't change the geometric size to reduce the overscan on my tv screen...

oh well... 640x480 will have to do...


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No dont use tv tool just use his instructions on modifying the driver so it supports the resolutions within the driver.

It adds extra resolutions into the do not have to have tv tool installed.

Like i said i followed his instructions and now i have the 720/480 in my nvidia driver settings(when i go to the tab for tv out resolution it shows up on the slider bar):rolleyes:

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