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How can i speed it up?


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Well now my xp is runinng really slowly i dont know why i haev no viruses, and its a decent computer, i have only 128 mb of ram now not 256 i took the other 128 out is that it thats slowing my pc down? i have ran the norton utilites and it doesnt find a problem. whats wrong?


Yes, the the comp. is dependent upon the ram for programs and such, so I would put back that 128, and uh, why did u take it out in the first place?


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RAM can be more important then HDD space. It is essential to the system to have at least 256mb these days, especially with Norton programs.


Buy having 128 instead of 256, you are forcing xp to use virtual memory which is slower. You see xp will load up the programs you use most often upon start up, which takes more ram. If you want to disable this feature down load the program x-setup. It's freeware and will show all the tweaks. After you download program, go to: system/file system/windows xp prefetching. Select to clear prefetch folder/Then go into prefetch options and uncheck "prefetch applications that are launched". Now your computer will only "prefetch" load the programs that load with windows on your task bar or in the back ground instead of loading all the programs you most often use also. This will save alot of ram space. The only diffference you will notice is the programs you select may load a little slower but they will run like they are supposed to because of more ram available to them. If you decide to put the 128ram stick back in you should not have to do this. And like the guy before me said: it runs better with 512
megs of ram! I agree. hope this helps. ikester
You can download x-setup here: http://www.xteq.com/


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cuz its not compatible

Ok i took out the other 128 because it doesnt wokr properly with xp it makes tons of problems. ok so ill go and buy some ram but how do i know the speed of my current ram i think its 133 but is there a program so i can know so i can buy the other one the same speed?


This program will show you everything you need to know about the memory plus all your chip sets on your board. your L1 and L2 cache how much and at what speed the cache is running. Some cpu's allow cache speed adjustments. If your does you can do that too. Best not to fool with these settings unless you know what your doing. Lock your pc up! Well anyway here's the site:
The program is call WCPUID V3. Download it and have fun! It's in the download section.

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