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how can i limit accounts to extreme's..??

hey guys
question bout limitin what users can n cant do in their accounts
im the admin on the cpu
n the rest are just limited accounts
buh i'd like to set more limits
ex: no installin programs, no msn yahoo or any chat clients n things like that..anyone know how i cud disable all these in an account as well as make sure they wont be able to get them back on?

They are newbie users, but they know enough to dload the files and install em back on n everything (msn)
The Group Policy Editor in XP Pro should allow you to do most, if not all of this.

So for example, to prevent users from running certain applications, you would go to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>System and modify the "Don't Run Specified Windows Applications" option. You could basically use this to create a list of instant messengers, chat clients etc that the user account is not allowed to run.

There are lots of other options in there. Look around, and I'm sure you'll find whatever else you're looking for. Each option shows you a pretty detailed explanation of what it does, and how to use it, so it shouldn't be very difficult to figure it out either. If you need help with a certain option etc, feel free to post your question.
Hope that helps
Changes made to the "Computer Configuration" section affect all users on the machine. Since the group policy editor is intended mainly for machines that are on a domain, you need to tweak it a little bit for your particular situation. I forgot to mention that in my earlier post.

What you basically do is make changes to the "User Configuration" section only. However, this will apply to all accounts on your machine. The tweak basically excludes certain users from the policies using NTFS security permissions. It can be a little tricky, so be sure you don't make any drastic changes the first time you try it. For example, just prevent access to Messenger or something like that. If all goes well, and your account can still use everything, go ahead with the rest of the policies.

This page should show you how to get the tweak in place:



To whom it may concern
You can do it for specific users. We use this in our schools on Windows 2000. There is a way around getting it to work. I work at the school board during the summer as a computer tech, and this is what I did at every school. It basically involves setting the permissions on the group policy folder so that the Administrator can't read them, and therefore the administrator is unaffected. I am fixing to leave for school, I will check and see what the exact permissions are for these, and I will get back to you later. But I know it can be done, because we have done it! ;)
DJ-phYre said:
It basically involves setting the permissions on the group policy folder so that the Administrator can't read them, and therefore the administrator is unaffected.
The above link shows you how to do exactly that.
been trying this out for a couple dayz
and changing things around trying to do what it says in that link
but when i open C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy
in that window there is a General, Sharing, and Customize tab..there isn't any Security tab..anyone know what i have to do?

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