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How Can I Improve Overall System Speed



i need some tips on how to improve my overall system speed especially during system start up and also like when i open up files and applications it seems very slow sometimes

i am using windows xp home edition
intel celeron 1200mhz
384 megs pc133 ram

Perris Calderon

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go to control panel, visual affects, find what you're looking for there, of course, dissable all the services you don't need, for ideas, on what service you can dissable, go here...make sure you do a backup please
There's a very good registry hack around here that stops XP from looking up the Last Accessed Date of every file. I installed it on my comp and have noticed a BIG difference in access to my Start Menu and when browsing my HD. Unfortunately, I cant find the damned thing, so if someone would be so kind as to post a link for me, I'd appreciate it.


NTFS performance Tweak
Posted by waddy on Saturday, March 16 @ 19:30:12 GMT


search.php?query=&topic=14When Windows NT lists a directory (Explorer, DIR command, etc.) on an NTFS volume, it updates the LastAccess time stamp on each directory it detects. If there are a very large number of directories, this could effect performance. A new registry entry allows you to control this behavior.

First :Back up your registry - Back up tools here Open the registry - Start > Run and type regedit Navigate to Here : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE//System//CurrentControlSet//Control//fileSystem Create a new key called NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate by right clicking in the right window , and choosing New > DWORD Value. Once that key is created, double click on it and change the value from 0 to 1 Reboot and enjoy the speed

I copied this from somewhere

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