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Home wireless network



My problem: Broadband connection is upstairs and my playstation 2 is downstairs, so currently i cave a cat5 cable trailing around my house.

Has anyone tried on-line gaming using a wireless network?, any hints / tips etc.

I was looking at the below two wireless routers,

D-Link DI-614+ Wireless Cable/DSL Router (UK), (which apparently is PS2 compatable)

or the Linksys Wireless Access Point Router - 4 Port Switch (which doesnt say its playstation compatable)

Currently i have a 512 boradband connection, but soon i'll upgrade to 1mb.

As im not a technical person i would be grateful for advice on which wireless router to go for......is it worth spending the extra ££'s on the router that states is playstation compatable?


i would pay the bit extra and get the compatible one, that way you have more fun gaming instead of trying to fix it all the time ..

802.11b = 11mbs which is plenty enough for gaming as long as you can achieve a good signal.

I have an access point in the top floor of my house (3 storys) and the walls and floors are solid stone and about 3 foot thick, yet i can still stream movies to my laptop on the ground floor.

One thing is, i am running at 100milliwat on both access point and client.

The UK law only allows 50milliwatt.

So if you buy the kit from UK = 50mw max.


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I am running the DI 614+ currently...

dlink routers have data transfer of 22mbps v/s 11 mbps for other 2.4ghz routers... but as waddy said this depends on the connection strength :)

I have had no problems with my dlink so far... :)

-edit- note that the data transfer rates are theoretical peaks.. you will NOT be hitting that and are unlikely to come close...
Sazar - so you are gaming with no "weird" lag problems using a wireless router?

What type games? Multiplayer first person shooters, strategy, role playing, all of the above?

I have a friend considering going wireless. Too many kids and a 3 level house are challenging his wiring abilities.

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