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Home to Pro??


Boogie Nights...!
I currently have XP Home....do you lot thinks its worth upgrading to Professional?

Any REAL advantages etc?


Perris Calderon

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very funny srory

bought home preinstalled on my hap laptop

a while back, microsoft had an incredible promotion, and I obught pro for 50 bucks.

at first, I thought I was upgradining my box, so I put off using the cd.

then, I never upgraded, and I still haven't opened the cd.

I did have the gum though


The startup bar that goes across when XP is loading is different. Thats all. :p

If you are going to pay for it then no, it's not worth it in my opinion.


Well I have 4 copies of Home and 1 copy of PRO (all paid for). PRO seems to give more problems than Home for some reason. Home just runs and runs, PRO seems to always need some attention of some kind.

PRO will work with dual CPUs, Home only one. PRO gives you more control over say a server application which is where my copy of PRO is by the way. Home will only allow 5 connections and PRO will allow 10. M$ says you can not increase the amount of allowable connections on either version. I got my copy of PRO like dealer did during the promo that M$ ran and only had to pay $50....

All and all I think Home is the berries for 95% of users needs....


Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
let me give you a hint.

this gum is some of the worst gum in gum history.

don't open it, just keep it locked up...maybe it'll be worth something in the future...like the first micky mantle card, or a tiffany shade...cuz it aint worth the paper it's packed in

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