Ok so i just tried installing 2 betas (Im a freak when it comes to betas, I just love installing new stuff, but ne who back to the subject) Ok so i tried installin IE6 2800 and DirectX 9 but everytime i finish d/l either and they start installing it gives me this error: The software you are about to install is not digitally signed, bla bla bla, please call ure software manufacturer for more info bla bla bla.........So, Nebody know how i can get rid of that thing for awhile?:confused:


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you can install anyway....... that message is just warning that what your about to do, might not work with XP......get ready to reformat......;)


Heres the thing, I only get that message when im installing drivers, wich i always ignore. The message im gettin now is KINDA like that but i dont get to choose to continue or not it just tells me:This software will not be installed, yata yata yata, click OK to exit installation.......thats wut ticks me the heck off!:mad:


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check image... that's for drivers. if taht doesn't do anything for the software, then it's just built into it and there's nothing you can do about it.



Thats what I got for my drivers, cuz they always work right. But i guess i wont be able to install these fun little betas:( :(

I wonder how other ppl out there do it?

Do they like hack theyre system or do they have some fake version of windows..........hmm, Oh well, thnx for the help everyone!;)

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