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HL2 - What's this about...?


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Aah, Steam preloading.

Basically it means you can download HL2 or tell steam to download HL2 before its actually released on the streets. You can't play it yet though, you have to wait until its activated.


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quite a few places have the release set for sept. 1st. i HOPE they're correct. If Half-Life 2 has multiplayer, which it should, *drool*. Half-Life: Source *drool*

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Like I said, I doubt a game that hasn't gone gold yet, could be ready to hit the shelves in 11 days.

Naturally, I would love to be wrong :)
hah. ya. it would be kinda a kick and shove out Vivendi's door.....but if it does go gold this week, and if Vivendi hurries it's little a** up, i'd say they MIGHT make that release. if not, then probably still early/mid september...... i hope. i say that too much. they should just release the friggin thing so i can quit saying "i hope" about it's release. :-/
nah... they're gonna more than likely start pre-loading today. they prolly wanna get that outta the way and get the game to Vivendi as soon as possible.... if not sooner.

an interesting little comparison between Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. makes some VERY good points, as well as showing some of the points they talk about, like how the Half-Life 2 models look a WHOLE lot better than the Doom 3 models, and how the Doom 3 models sometimes wind up looking like coneheads and stuff. it's interesting to read.

ZeroHour: did you even look into that article? News posted July 29th. as in 6 days from being a month ago. it'll probably go gold in the next few days from NOW, but obviously not when that article was posted. as long as they meet their estimated release date of mid to late September i'll be happy. i'd be overjoyed if they make the EB Games and some other website's release date of September 1st, but as of right now it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen since it didn't go gold yet.
Elemental I did yeh but I just thought I would post it since it was not official but *supposed* to be gold.
Just thought it might be interesting m8.
As it said in the news, its a titbit :D

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