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Highest safe temp for a P3



I o/ced my P3 933mhz to about 1ghz, and my temperature will sometimes hit 60 degrees celcius but not often. Is 60 degrees celcius a safe temperature or should I let up a little on the o/cing.

Mark Richter

Ow OW OW!!!!!!!!

A little too hot for me!

Get more fans in there
Rounded cables
or something

not going to gain much by going to one GB from 933

aint worth toasting a computer for a few extra frames per sec

that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it
Mine has been 45 degrees celcius, eversince I had my computer.....and it runs like a beast!!! 50 degrees, is the safe zone but if you want better preformance you should always aim for 30 degrees....I am tooo lazy to get a better a hsf....Cheers!!!:)
Originally posted by TheNightMonkey
k thx. so 50 degrees celcius is safe?
thats ok, I am madly overclocked and am able to keep at 44 C at full load no matter what with a volcano 7+. Only problem is that it is like a freaksing hair dryer.

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