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I remember that a while back that there was a thread related to a guide to frying mobos, modems, ethernet.. etc etc....
However, I can't remember if I saw it on this forum or not and I can't seem to find it through the search facility. Can anyone help me find it please?


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I was just thinking about that the other day. It was how to make bombs out of computer parts. Why do you want to know :p Ill try searching and see what I come up with.


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well, I've decided to give my upgrade another try this summer after having postponed it last christmas for a number of reasons.
every time I upgrade, I usually give my old machine to my family to use. This time, I'll be giving them my current machine and throwing their old system in the bin. That being said, I thought I'd experiment with the obsolete parts. :p


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oh... just had a thought... my grandmother will kill me if I tried.... lol
She's got one of these electric massage thing that sends out 9000V... Yes, 9000V.
Was wondering what damage that might cause if I threw a computer component on it. (hopefully it won't kill my grandmother's machine) :p


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Mastershakes said:
Ming, are you talking about that article where the guy hooks up massive amounts of electricity to puter parts?

I'm searching now....
Yesh... USB, Modem, Ethernet cables linked to a power socket. :p

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