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help with jumper settings on an intel board

ok. i have an intel i810 E/2 and as some of you know it comes with an onboard video card and its f***ing up the new video card i tried to install with no avail. what HP and Intel have told me that the only way to do it is thru windows device manager and just disable it. but i could care less for windows. it linux that i want the new card to work on. so if anyone know of the onboard video card jumpers for an Intel i810 board. seeing as there mostly the same, it shouldnt even make a difference. i just need to know which jumper it is. i dont wanna fry another mobo. :D

thanks in advanced
~punk and a coke
lol. sorry. not there btw. thats why ive been having problems. it doesnt have the _ucking model number on the board. if it did i could have found the instrustions myself.


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you can try sisoft sandra to id the board. and they can hide the model in allsorts a places, sometimes the model is on the warranty sticker, on top of the printer port. otheres embossed into the board under a pci slot, in the corner, allsorts. if not then your probably stuck with a OEM board, stripped down, and i dare say no way round it.
thanks. ill try sandra and see. but i mean i examined that board up and down, right and left, back and front. and nothing. ill check one last time but think its an oem board also. damn hp's.

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