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help w/ installing 2 hard disks

ok i just bought a 40gb hd for my pc and im installing it. when i put it as primary master and my other 20gb hd as primary slave it won't boot up righta nd it just stalls when it says checking "ide drives". then when i disconnect the 20gb and have the 40gb alone it works. then when i put the 20gb and take out the 40gb it works too. can someone tell me how to make it so i can have both working @ the same time.

i would of put the 20gb hd as secondary master but the cable is weird and won't be able to reach my cdrw.


Check the jumpers on the drive, that might be the issue.

Also you said the cable was weird...sometimes cable manufacturers make those things where either side will fit in the drive or the MB, but only one way will work.

I'd check the jumper settings first though.


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its the jumpers for sure. u ahve to look at the drawings on top of the hard drives make the 20 the same as the slave picture on the top of it. and the 40gb as the master like the drawing on top
The jumpers they're talking about are litttle plastic clips about 3/16 by 1/4 inch with a metal insert in the middle.
Most drives have a 10 pin connector on the back. Looking into the connector - for the master put the clip vertically on the center pins, for the slave put the clip on the set to thew right of the center. That works for Western Digitals. double check it for other brands.

When drives ship they should come with the clip stored across 2 of the bottom pins. That is a do nothing position and tells the drive it is the only one and should be master.


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check in the BIOS for something to the effect of "Detect IDE Devices"

your mobo may not have autodetection (long shot, but worth a look)
You have to do the plastic things! I use a tweeezer, needle nose pliers or the tip of an exacto knife to pop them out. Watch where they land though the little suckers like to disappear into the carpets!

Shamus MacNoob

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lol thats why I always have a few extra's along with all the different screws and stand off's and whatever else we need when messing with the rig's :)
Originally posted by prodj88
ahhhhhh this is pissing me off. i can't get anything ****ing out and my case is gay and this damn cables are gay
I didnt realise cables and cases could have their own sexual orientation tbh...

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