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Help upgrading an iBook 500mhz


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Ok so I decided not to buy a newer laptop and just upgrade my old iBook. I bought a new hard drive and a new combo dvd/cdrw drive. I am still waiting on the combo drive to come but i have been doing some research as to how to best approach this upgrade, only other laptop ive ever worked on was a dell, and ive heard Macs are less friendly to user upgrades. I have found a pretty good link to a site that tells how to upgrade the hard drive but I havent really found anything that talks about upgrading the optical drive. Does anybody have any links that may be helpful in showing how this can be done with the least amount of hassles?




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installed the hard drive... with only 1 extra screw!!!

haha, waiting on the cdrw/dvd drive to show up so i can install that and attempt my first install of OSX heh


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heh well heres hoping the cdrw drive comes tomorrow and i can get it all installed and try this sucker out... the old 10GB drive didnt allow me to really explore anyuthing at all


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any tips for after i install the hard drive n how to get it to be recognized by the OSX installer?

I am at the point in the install where i have to select a destination volume and nothing is showing up in the window except the mac OS x install cd

hmm nevermind i think i found the disc utility on my 10.1 disc


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Hard drives are just drop-in. I have four in my PowerMac, obviously you can only fit one in an iBook but it's still the same concept.

If the disk isn't showing, it's likely not formatted. Click file(?, might be the apple... it's an option on the menu bar anyway) whilst in the installer and select the disc utility to format :)


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yeah it wasnt formatted, i had to put in my 10.1 installer which had the disc utility on it and it formatted and installed fine

still waiting on that cdrw though haha


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alright got the cdrw installed, only 4 extra screws this time and that was after triple checking everything...

haha oh well everything seems to be in order... now to see fi this thing recognizes it


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wow osx is amazing, it just works

turned the machine on and it just works... no drivers... no foolishness... nothing...

makes me want to go out and drop the money on a new one now haha


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heh this this moves so nice and fast now with the newer hard drive in it and everything that its going to be quite suitable for me for a while... now i just gotta find my panther install discs... and pray that tiger works on ti


I may actually be insane.
Apparently some of the Tiger leaks have been reported to run quite well on 400 and 500Mhz iBooks. So you should be ok :)

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