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Help needed~


My new Hard Disk cause my LCD screen to have double vision.
After i trace all the Hardware parts which one is faulty.
I replaced my friend hard disk and the screen work fine.
So what wrong with my hard disk?
Anyone can help?


Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
We need more information to help you out.

Motherboard Make and Model
Video Card Make and Model
Hard Drive Make and Model
Screen Make and Model

System Specs
Operation System


High On Life!
he said that he traced all the hardware, which i think he meant he tested all the hardware for signs of failure, until he found out it was the hard drive, and used his friends hard drive, and then the screen went back to normal


OSNN One Post Wonder
but the hard drive itself can't be responsible for video failures...it must be what's ON the hard drive...like old drivers or maybe a graphics card upgrade between brands or something.

use drivercleaner and try again!


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That is definitely strange to have an HDD on the hardware side cause issues with the display. I want to see how this thread gets updated, if the posts come back :eek:
sorry for late reply.

I am working as a support technician for POS system.
So unable to post what the model. It's confidential.
sorry for that.
Been working on this for a week with tracing on software and hardware.

It is not logical to say is HD caused it.
I traced all the hardwares with same item replacement.
When i try 3 same model HD, the screen was not really stable, except one which is perfect.
When i lift and rotate the LCD panel, double vision is very visible.
I now been working on the cable part.
Highest chance of causing it.

If my report put fault come from HD, which is not logical, i may get hanged :dead:

I have recable the wires that connect my MB ML slot to LCD controller card.
This is confirm no fault with the cable.
But the problem still persist.
I have oso d/l Hot Fix to solve the issue but fail.
The only way is use the only HD previous post mention.
But that not the solution.

anyone got better idea or sugguestion

Electronic Punk

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Well as mentioned before, if it is a HDD issues then I think its really going to be a software issue.

What operating system is it using?
Win Xp sp2


Complete Housing with ALL-IN-ONE POS PIII Mainboard
· Built-in-lan adaptor
· Processor: C3-800MHz low power CPU · 64MB RAM (Maximum 512 MB)


· 12.1" TFT LCD Colour Touchscreen Display · 30GB Hard Disk · 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive · 4 x RS-232 Ports (with power selectable +12V/+5V) · RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 Selectable · 2 x Parallel Ports · Video RAM 4MB (SMA) · 2 x USB Ports · 1x ISA Free Slot · 1 x LCD Onboard Port · 1 x SVGA Port · 1 x PS/2 Keyboard Port · 1x PS/2 Mouse Port · Power Supply: AC 115V / 230V, 150W · Dimension: 250(W) x 310(D) x 170(H)mm

For Your Info only,

The problem has been solved.
Due to the poor quailty HD will generate more noise and interference and thus caused the LCD panel to have double vision.
Replaced by a better Quailty HD.

The ground cable between MB and LCD panel play a part too.
The both grounding cables have shield on LCD and MB will loop the interference instead of ground it. Remove either side grounding cable shield.

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