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help needed with msi geforce 6600 256 mb card


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im new at building computers. i just bought this card, and when i went to the stress test on counterstrike, the water has weird lines that flash on it. the text is sometimes screwed up, to the point where i cant read it. the opening movie in doom 3 has white flashy lines, and has slow fps. i have the latest driver.
please help, this is driving me nuts!

the above has anti aliasing up since i was seeing if it helped, so dont mind the purple. just look at the random line in the water
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Most likely when you upgraded some shreds of the old drivers were left installed causing the problem.

There are several free driver cleaner programs nastfyfileremover (nfr.exe) and crapcleaner clceaner.exe both work well. They are available at majorgeeks.com for download.

1) Go to device manager, select the display adapter and uninstall it (option under right click menu).

2) Download and run ccleaner or nfr. Then reboot.

3) The computer will detect a "new" video card and do a clean install of the drivers. You can use the default ones windows find or the latest drivers you have.

If you still have problems uninstall again and try the drivers taht came with the card. The latest drivers are usaully optimised for the latest video cards (7800series in this case) and aren't always the best for an older card.
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