Help Me!! Important!!! Please!!



I was on my computer like yesterday and I decided to run Ad-Aware and scan my computer. So I left and came back an hour later. And what I see on my computer is a message in DOS...So I restarted my computer, the same message came up before WindowsXP even starts. It says exactly:

Searching for Boot Record from Floppy...Not Found
Searching for Boot Record from CDROM...Not Found
Searching for Boot Record from SCSI...Not Found

Boot Failure
Press any key when readyA:

'When I press any key, 'press any key..' turns into:'

Press any key when readyA:from Floppy...Not Founddd

'And again I press a key:'

Press any key when readyA:from CDROM...Not Founddd

'Thats exacly what comes up..with the 3 d's and everything'

I'm pretty sure this is a virus or something, and I'm truthful so I'll say I can say Ican't afford to get my computer checked by a pro...

If thier is any way to fix this manualy...someone please tell me...And have the files on the harddrive saved cause I have important files on it....

SOMONE PLEEASE HELP ME, don't ignore this, this is very important!! THanks, if u need anthin just ask, thanks
Insert the xp cd & boot up. Follow the screens to the repair option. If you can get in that is.
nope my cd doesnt boot the cd-rom i have never could boot up any cd.... even going to the options when u start the computer (i cant even go into that)...

anythin else???
What about the xp boot floppies that you would have made seeing as the cd rom won't boot?

If not download them & see how that goes.
yeah ive accaully thought of that i had them a while ago but i through em out thinkin i wouldnt need em :(:( I guess I gotta wait till tommorow to buy some floppys :(:(:(:i ill see how that goes
I just tried, and I inserted the WindowsXP SP1 Pro CD into my drive when I started my computer, and It loads up and all I see is a _ blinking continuesly, nothing happens...Could that mean even if I use floppys the floppys won't boot, or what I'm really cofused??? :S:S:S:S
looks like your bios settings got changed somehow. go into your bios and find the boot priority or boot device listing somewhere. right now it might be something like:

boot device 1: Floppy
boot device 2: CDROM
boot device 3: SCSI

.. since that's the order that your comp seems to be looking for a disk to boot from. change it to:

boot device 1: HDD-0
boot device 2: CDROM
boot device 3: Floppy

.. then it should for the boot record on your hd and boot as normal.
try pressing delete repeatedly when you first turn your computer on. that hopefully will bring up the bios settings.

i agree with taurus, it sounds like you or someones ****ed around the bios settings
there will be an option, and my rig decided to drop its bios settings last week for no reason.

theres DEL, F2 F8 F6 escape Tab, lots a keys to take you into BIOS
yeah got in thier, i changed the boot order...and now I get this message!!

Pri Master HDD Error
Pri Slave Drive - ATAPI Incompatible
Press F1 to Resume

when i press f1

Searching for Boot Record from SCSI...Not Found
--------------------------------------- Floppy...-----------
--------------------------------------- CDROM...----------

Boot Failure Reboot and Select proper Boot device
Press any key when readyselected Boot device

any answers???

Before I did this and went to BIOS, I clicked on OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS and saved and restarted...I got the ussual You computer was not shut of right, blah blah...I clicked on start normally, and all what happened was I seen a black screen for a couple of minutes, then the computer restarts and I got the messages i stated above???
when i did the settings stuff again, when the you computer has not been shutoff ... I click on start windows normally... it stays at that screen frozen...
Originally posted by DAZZ
yeah got in thier, i changed the boot order...and now I get this message!!

Pri Master HDD Error
Pri Slave Drive - ATAPI Incompatible
Press F1 to Resume
looks like something's wrong with your primary channel. you have a hd as master, right? what's slave?
what do you mean 'what's slave?' ????

i dont know im new to this stuff...
aight this is wierd i changed the settings to fail-safe boot thingy, and now I get the message

Disk error
Press any key to restart

when i press a key says

Searching for Boot Record from CDROM...Not Found

Boot failure
Insert BOOT diskette in A:
Press any key when ready

this is what im gonna do ltommorow buy some floppys and make a boot disk and just see if i could reinstall xp and maybe that will work ???
I think you should try to reset your CMOS settings to factory settings. Check your motherboard manual for instuctions.
Originally posted by Jason Roberts
I think you should try to reset your CMOS settings to factory settings. Check your motherboard manual for instuctions.

I 2nd that.

Also, could you motherboard battery be dead?
I would if I knew what CMOS was, could someone help me out. When I start up it says on the top AMIBIOS (C) ... American Megatrends I lost the manual to my motherboard...

I just got this motherboard not even half a year ago!! 'cause my other one crashed, I've had so much happen to this computer it's not countable.
There will be a little black (or white) plastic jumper on your mother board connecting 2 of 3 pins. It will say cmos reset on the motherboard. Check the MB manufacturers web site they usually have manuals in PDF format for download. It should show the location and positions of the jumper in the MB manual.


Move it to the other 2 pins wait a minute then move it back.

DO NOT LEAVE IT ON THE SECOND SET OF PINS AND APPLY POWER! Bad things can happen like erasing your bios.

If that doesn't help you may have a bad IDE device (A HD or CDROM croaked). Disconnect the drives (power and ribbon cable). COnnect the Primayr HD back first see if it works. If not try the CDROM next (without the HD) see if you can boot ot the XP install. etc until you identify a bad drive.

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