Help installing Condemned: Criminal Origins


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28 Mar 2007
Hello and thank you for reading, and hopefully, helping me.

I have recently bought the game Condemned, and every time I try to install it, a window appears that says I'm not connected to the internet, yet I am doing this right now. I don't know why this is happening, but I am not very good with computers either, so maby it's something I don't know about.

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Do you have more than one network connection, one of which may not be connected? Perhaps its looking at the wrong device to try and connect through. Modem, Wireless, multiple Ethernet connections.
Nope, one connection. What would installing a game have to do with the internet anyway? Does anyone know that?
It probably wants to Authorize the cdkey or update or something. How exactly does it prompt you? Does it finish installing and then ask or something? We need more details to really help.
apparently the problem is caused by an incompatibility between the game's autoplay function and Internet Explorer 7. Try Start, Run, D:Setup (if "D" is your DVD drive). Installation should proceed normally. worked for me, hope this helps.
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