Help!!!How to open a ppt file without powerpoint?!?!



I have recieved a job application pack via email in the form of a ppt ( apparently powerpoint ) file. The guy is ringing me up next friday for a telephone interview, which is great news, as I'm sure you all agree.....problem is I don't have powerpoint on my PC, so I can't read the damn thing! To solve my problem I either need to buy Microsoft Office ( rather costly) or find another program that can open ppt files......Can anyone tell me if this 'another program' exsists or perhaps make any genius suggestions....or am I destined forever to never get another job??? * arranges rope into noose*


The difference between PPS (PowerPoint Show) and PPT (PowerPoint presentation) files is this:

One ends with an "S". The other ends with a "T". PPT. PPS.

That's it. They're the same other than that.

A PPS is just a PPT file with a different file extension that tells PowerPoint "Open me directly into slide show view, not editing view." You can "convert" from one to the other simply by renaming the files.

It follows, then, that you do need either PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer to play back PPS files
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PPT=Power Point Template
PPS=Power Point Show?

They ARE NOT the same thing with different extensions. You CAN NOT edit a PPS file while you CAN edit a PPT. It's like Flash and FLAs and SWFs. FLAs are the templates where as SWFs are the movies. There is a little security built into PPS.


Powerpoint Viewer 97 did the job just nicely, thankyou yoyo..;)

...and thankyou for your helpful suggestion, cybrjam:happy:

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Hey Guys!!!
Can any1 help me out??? I need to view powerpoint files - which i can cause i downloaded the viewer. However, i want to be able to print them out so there are 6 slides per page, which i cant do. i was told to get microsoft office student and teacher edition 2003, but i cant cause i only have office98, so i would also need to get windows XP. plus, i dont think i even have enough memory for these programs! (i have 56.0 RAM). is there any way i can get around buying $500 (aust) worth of products, JUST to print out powerpoints slides smaller????

pls help me out!!!!:nervous:
Get a screen capture program. Copy off the viewer to clip board. Paste into word or whatever program you do have. Resize to fit.


I'll post the link to the freeware screen capture I use in a minute. Have to do digging for it.

Not sure how well this will work with Win 98. And 56 meg of RAM could make this painfully slow. Making the area you capture smaller on the screen will reduce file sizes but reduce detail also.

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56 megs of RAM is an interesting mumber (could just be 64 being reported badly)
Another option would have been to take the PPT to a printshop as I am pretty sure they would be able to open and print a powerpoint presentation.