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Help! DVD drive...might...have...died...

Hi! This one's new. Something's up with my DVD drive. If I attempt to burn any cd, what so ever, whether its music, my files on a cdr, or anything, it will not go. In Nero, the cd buffer hovers around 2 or 3, and thats it. Or simply nothing happens at all. It recognizes the drives though. I thought it might be something with my dvd drive, so I borrowed my girlfriends IBM CD drive, just a plain ole drive, and stuff burns fast and fine. Whats up with that? :p I think my DVD drive kicked the bucket. Does anyone have any ideas what might be up with it?



Hmmm....your CD-RW reads cds, so just make an image of it and then burn it. Burning on the fly can cause all kinds of errors. Does it play DVDs though?

Also, 6 case fans? Geezo, are you deaf by now? I've got 1 (2 power supply and cpu fan also) case fan and putting one in the front almost makes me go deaf.
I have tried not burning on the fly, still same problem. It plays DVDs, but thats about it. Windows also wouldn't install from it. I have 3 in the back, including power supply, 2 in the front, 2 on side, and one inside, that pumps air through the power supply. Also there is the cpu fan, and the Nvidia Card Cooler thingy, which is as loud as the cpu fan. Man, I have music constantly playing, loud, so I don't hear it, and if I don't, then I'm used to it, so no, not really deaf :)


I'd agree, newegg.com has LG and Lite-on (respectable brands) for 40 bucks or so...the LGs are out of stock, but I hear they're a bit quieter.

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