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Help.... Corruption of a lot of files

Ok this is a biggie...

I was doing a litle bit of partiion re-organisation using partition magic earlier today, rebooted machine to let the changes take place, and the whole lot froze up bout half way through.... I had to reset afrer i left it sit there for 3 hrs and nothing changed on the screen :(

On getting back in to windows my storage drive is fooked... Couldnt access it at all. After looking for ages for some recovery software , i had to rebot my pc anyway, and scan disk actually seemed to fix the problems - however upon trying to use any mp3 files, or executables or archives, pretty much anything, it all seems scrambled, you play one file and something else plays instead, videos jump from file to file, or just run for a few minutes, and some digital camera pics just wont load :(

I have lost around 90gig of stuff so i would be extatic if anyone can show/tell me a way that i can recover all this corrupted material.

thanks in advance



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I take it you didn't make a backup or a restore point prior to the partition work? Shame on you if you didn't.

With that said, you might try the drivemapper option under tools to restore/fix broken drive/file paths. beyond that unless you made a rescue disk set or have a backup there is not much you can do, except go through every file manually and try to repair the damage.

You also might try defraging with something like perfect disk, as it works to put the diffents pieces of files together as many others don't.
yes ok i did a stupid thing, no major backups apart from thank god some of my holiday photos and stuff.

Are these the only options i have - and how would i go about trying to econstruct the files separately? i can re-rip many of my mp3's but the didgital photos i need to recover really.

Any one else have any advice?



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I would buy a new hdd and use the old one as a slave and just copy over all the pictures that you had, isn't a cheap way to fix it but it is always nice to have two physical hdd's and not a partition, in my opinion.


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Drivemapper is in PM8 under tools. You will see it. By manual reconstruction I am refering to manual fixing the file path. Drivemapper should fix most of this along with defraging the drive with perfectdisk.
i have pm7, and drive mapper appears to only sort out drive letter problems according to the info i have :S

what other options do i have to fix the file records?



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Drivemapper will fix file/drive paths when you have created a new "drive" partition or when data in say C: drive have been moved to D: drive due to a resizing/renaming of the C: partition. I am guessing that this is what you did or something along the same lines. It does require you to remember what partitions you have changed and how you changed them to select the correct "before/After" drive selections.

You might also try running checkdisk "chkdsk" and see if it can repair any damaged entries in the MFT.

You might also try a program like this and see if it can help http://www.file-recovery.net/soft.htm. They have a free trial version, Make sure you DL to a floppy or another drive to prevent you data being overwritten.

but beyond these options there is really not much more that you can do.

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