Head Crash HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

does anyone know of any way myth or not on how to temopraily fix a head crash????? i just need it to at the least get 22mb off of it. anyone know at all?

anything at all? please
ahh yes

head crash on my HDD, it is when the arm in the HDD hits eaither the platter or the side of the drive. typicaly when the drive is dead it will do this but i NEED the data
The only method I know off worked with Quantum Fireball drives.

Its quite funny.

Slam it as ahrd as you can into a wall with the top.

THings worked like a charm then...

Doubt it'd work in your case though


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dreamliner77 said:
Heard that putting the drive in a ziplock baggie and throwing it in a freezer for a few hours might help.
I've heard this is a myth and can do more harm then good. ;) If data is mission critical you could try a place that recovers data from dead drives, though you'll pay a good penny.


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Off Topic: At first I thought you crashed and hurt your head lol then i noticed it said hardware for where it was under :|.

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