Having an issue with my MySQL


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Hi all,

I am thinking that I am having a issue with mysql.

I do have a mysql server, and have about 9 databases that are working properly, no issues whatsoever.

One of my other db consists of my invoicing client db. For some strange reason, I cannot generate anymore new invoices. I can generate more clients, and I can email out of the db, no problem. Looks like all is fine, except for this invoice generation issue.

I don't know if it is mysql, or if it is my interface (web-based, php GUI)

Wondering if anyone can give me any ideas on where to start looking.




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Sorry, carpo, should of been more descriptive.........

My invoicing system is webbased. I am wondering if there is something in the php code that is wrong, that is keeping me from adding more invoices.

I do use phpmyadmin, but I am not experiencing any problems with it.



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yes the php code that runs my invoicing system gui. Could be that, or could be the actual mysql db that's tied to it. I don't know.



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Sorry, mizzle,

But it's not phpmyadmin that is giving me trouble. it is my web-based invoicing system.


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can you add new customers using mysql from command line? new tables etc? has permissions on the db changed ?


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Does the web based invoice program has some way to enable debugging so you can see if it is throwing errors somewhere? Also, check you Apache log files, they might contain information on the PHP errors.

Other things to check, see if the table is overly full, using phpMyAdmin. Try running REPAIR `table name`; in MySQL and see if that fixes anything. If not, what web based software are you using? If it is open source I could maybe take a look.


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Hey guys,

I changed the php files with new ones. to no effect.

So it must be my sql tables.

Trying to figure out how to repair tables through phpmyadmin.



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