have not had teh vista blue screen in a while

Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
well, I hadn 't had the bluescreen for a coupla weeks and that was a record so the issue was probably solved with one of the vista patches...this was before I put in a new router

with the new router I don't expect the bluescreen anyway since we believe it was that specific router that was causeing the issue

anyway, all is well, vista is pretty cool now and am enjoying the added interface

my 2 gig machine is still not faster then my 512 xp but it's smooth and that's nice

my three gig machine is probably faster then the xp machines I've used with that much memory, hard to tell though because it is a faster processor

anyway, am happy and if I had to buy a new box with a choice I would almost definately go to the vista machine

as long as it had 3 gigs or more
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Dark Atheist

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8 Apr 2003
you realise after saying that your going to get one know dont you - called "the kiss of death" - you jinxed it!! :p

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