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Has my hard drive gone bad?



I have 2 hardrives, dvd and cdrw drives. The one on the secodary master makes a clicking noise at random. I restarted my computer and I enabed this S.M.A.R.T. opinion thats in the BIOS. It reported that the status was bad and I needed to replace it. I ran disk check and asked it to fix any errors ( which Ihad to restart my computer again ) and the S.M.A.R.T. reported no errors and that the status was ok. So has my hard drive gone bad?


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This might not be the case for you but the 2 times I've had HDD's click for me, they died shortly after. It could have just been a bad sector was fix when you rad disk check.
Uh oh, clicking sounds are rarely good. I would make a backup of any data you may have on it as soon as you can (if possible). If it wont boot anymore, try making it the slave on another system just to get any data off it before it goes totally bad.

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Make sure the cables are fitted snugly. Also check the wires that clip into the plug. Loose cables & wires also make a clicking noise. Power on power off power on power off. Also a good way to kill the hard drive. :eek:

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