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has anyone seen this issue before?


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is very hard for me to describe the issue so i made a clip of the issue. to get the problem to occur, is if i install an application....i installed Adobe Reader. during the install i was getting video "textures or pixels" showing up.

if i open an application that was previously installed by vista i also get the same result. i have updated my vidfeo drivers but didnt make any difference.

i am running the latest build 5381. 6800 GS BFG 256mb vid card. 1 gig mem. amd 3000+

this is a dual boot pc running Xp Pro that has no issues in any way. play games on it all the time. no video issues.



OSNN Senior Addict
that is correct. only happens with this build, didnt happen with previous builds of Vista.

but only happens when installing an app. or opening an app.
There should be a patch soon. Vista's transparent menu's don't seem to be playing well with your vid drivers. Keep an eye open for an Nvidia update.

BTW Don't watch the video if you have a hangover or sinus headache.

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