Has anyone installed Nero on Vista?


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5 Apr 2002
I just went to install the latest version of Nero onto my clean Vista install and Nero wants to install DirectX 9.0c.

Has anyone actually allowed it to do so?

Please fill me in.
I've never has this problem with Nero and Vista RC1 Build 5728 X64 version.
I'll be upgrading to Vista Build 6000 in the next few day and look for any differences.

as far as i know, the only version of Nero officially certified for Vista is Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced Version

That being said, there have been reports that Nero 6 works fine with Vista..
Yes, I have the latest version. Downloaded it from the Nero web site. It wants to install DirectX 9.0c.
Nero 7 Ultra Edition Ver. (A) worked fine for me until I ran the latest update which uninstalled Nero.

I remember having problems with the initial release of the update and downloading the fixed exe a day later.

Just tried this with Nero and it prompted for DX 9.0C.
I took a screenshot of it then logged into My Nero and reported it.
That being said, there have been reports that Nero 6 works fine with Vista..
It does, but I would avoid it. I had it installed, and as that wiki reports, it causes repeated crashes when Explorer tries to generate thumbnails of certain types of video files. I uninstalled it a couple of weeks ago, and things have been okay since then.

The latest version of Nero 7 apparently has no such issues.

As for your question, Matt - I think it should be fine to install DX 9.0c. I remember installing some other app that also needed it, and it hasn't caused any issues here.
Worth noting, I installed it on my x64 build and after agreeing to install DX 9.0c nothing happened. It went right passed the screen and on with the Nero installation.
The DirectX installer first checks what version you have installed and if what you have is a higher version then what it wants to install then the installer quits. That is why when you go ahead with install nothing happens. At no time will a lower version of DirectX overwrite a higher one.
As bad as Nero has gotten lately I wouldn't be shocked if it did. I would ditch it ff it wasn't for the love I have for Nero Burning ROM.

Thanks for the info AZ.

I tend to agree with you. I used to use Adaptec/Roxio's EZ CD Creator until the Win XP update Fiasco and discontinuing the support forum, then switched to using Nero.

Unfortunately Nero seems to be going the same route as CD Creator bloating their Suite with things I don't need. At least I can selectively install what i want.

Got the latest update working, after was uninstalled ran the update again and everything works. I never did get a request for Direct X 9 drivers.

Nero AG knows people want a smaller install file. They are working on it according to this notice on the site that appears when you hover your mouse over the file size.


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It's not that we want a smaller installer... we want to be able to install exactly what we want. You still get stuck with Nero Scout and Product Setup. Two features I don't need nor want.
I agree, Matt. I was really happy with Nero 6 - it had everything I needed from a disc burning application, and nothing that I didn't. Too bad it has the video thumbnail issue in Vista.

Now I'm holding off on getting Nero 7 and trying other more minimalistic alternatives. I wish they'd just release Burning ROM separately.
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I'd pay just as much for Neron Burning ROM as I would for the full suite. It is really a good application.
Another thing - I just installed Nero 7 Lite (Micro) with the demo key. It's a custom installer that only installs Nero Burning ROM and Express, including basic Audio/Video support. http://updatepack.nl/

This seems to be exactly what I was looking for. :)
It didn't install the Sidebar gadget though.
Is that (Nero Lite) even legal?

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