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Hardware-accelerated video converters?


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What sort of files do you want to convert? I usually use Handbrake for most things, have you tried that? It's pretty awesome, though I don't know whether it's HW accelerated or not.
First your graphics card must have a HW mpeg converter in it. I think about all ATI have them now and probably a lot of the newer high end Nvidia card. You will have to check the specific model.

Next the conversion type you are doing has to match the HW in the video card. MPEG 4 at certain resolutions should be supported, probably not find AVI converison support, etc.

Finally the drivers that the video editing program uses must support HW acceleration of your particular card.

That means researching your specific HW, SW and plans. I'd look on a video editing specific forum. The card vendor sites tell you next to noting about capabilities.


Oh, now I know...!
Isn't Handbrake for DVDs only?

Well, it's a 8800M GTS 512, I'd say that's fairly new. I've posted the question on a video-editing forum, will have to await the reply :)


Oh, now I know...!
Yeah, Badaboom, right? Only problem is that it's not very good. It didn't recognize MP4 files, and the swf video file I had, was encoded without the sound. Not really impressed with it.


Oh, now I know...!
That actually did look promising, but I then realized that there's hardly any difference if you've got a proper CPU :( Also, it's a bit expensive imo.

Thanks though :)

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