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Hard Drive Problem with maxtor

I am trying to figure out why my friends MAXTOR DiamondMax Plus 9 120GB ATA/ 133 isn't working He as alot of music and home made videos on it. I installed it on my comp and bios reconizes it but when windows load screen comes up it fully loads but doesn't go into log in screen. I have put it on master, slave, put it on secondary channel as Slave and Master. I don't understand why bios see's it but the computer restarts just as it is about to go into the log in screen please help thanks alot....


High On Life!
you cant put it on ur computer and boot from it because you both would have different hardware, (im assuming you are trying to boot from his hdd on ur pc)
Yes I did I toggled the jumper on the hd it self and i put it on all ide channels as master slave and bios see's it but when it is plugged in windows load screen comes on and when it is just about ot go into log in it restarts it self

Boot windows without the maxtor attached. Get maxtor's dos based diagnotic software and make a bootable floppy/cd with it.

Boot off said floppy/cd with maxtor attached.

Run diags.

You'll know the problem in a few hours.


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do what Lord says - it is the only way you can ever win any arguement with him - and he's used the nasty acronym on you so you owe it to yourself now! :p
you need tofind a diffrent brand hard diskt to the one you use and install windows on it, then try booting it with the amxtor attached but with your original drive detached.

The maxtor could be conflicting with yours and/or his other drives.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
well now - I hope Lords advice is sound - that's a hard road to follow for something like this - I'd add to that in case you are strapped for cash - assuming you can strip a backup from the drive, is it within RMA terms?
its a stretch to point at the psu in this case.

I have a Quantum fireball that wont let my pc boot - but boots the server it came out of just fine - Hard disks can and do argue with other hard disks at times :)
Safest approach is to use a USB external drive enclosure when trying to recover data from a System disk. Enclosures are $25 or less and come in handy.

Windows does not like to have 2 system disks in the computer running from the IDE controller. I have had it actually corrupt the install on both disks when they start arguing over who is in charge.
The USB enclosure sounds good I got a firewire one which should be fine and It is a Storage drive but i will see what happens thanks for all your input if this doesn't work it doesn't matter but thanks

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